Hair Transplant

Have you noticed that you are starting to lose your hair? You are not alone. Many people experience different levels of hair loss.

While men often lose their hair due to hormonal disorders, stress, and genetic factors, women often begin to lose their hair during pregnancy or at the onset of menopause.

Maybe you've heard of many different hair loss treatments, or maybe you've tried some. However, they did not fix the hair loss.

You may have lost your hair due to hormonal disorders or stress or vitamin deficiency or some other factor. Whatever the reason; you are faced with a hair loss problem and you seek a permanent solution as soon as possible.

As Evelinatour, we believe that everyone should have a solution to their hair loss problem.

Hair Transplant Increases Your Self-Esteem

Hair is a very important part of your style and appearance. Your self-confidence after years without hair
may have decreased and this is completely normal.

When you regain your hair with hair transplantation, your self-confidence will increase and your personal, social and business relations will be better.

Hair Transplantation is a Proven and Natural Method


Unlike other drugs, hair transplantation is a scientifically proven hair loss treatment method. After hair transplantation, your hair will definitely grow and you will regain your hair.

In addition to being a proven method, hair transplantation is a treatment method that gives natural results.

FUE and DHI Hair Transplants are Safe and Traceless Procedures

In recent years, new techniques such as FUE and DHI have been used in Turkey.

Thanks to these new techniques, candidates have a traceless and risk-free procedure. (Of course, if you have your procedure done in reliable, hygienic and safe clinics/hospitals). Because these techniques do not require incisions or scars on the scalp. Doctors take your roots one by one with micro motors, so everything ends without trace and risk.

3 Nights Stay, Lifetime Happiness

You will stay in Turkey for 3 nights. After this period, you can return to your country. Your procedure will consist of:

Day 1: Arrival. After arriving in Turkey, you will rest at your hotel.
Day 2: Trading day; Our team will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the hospital and your procedure will take place.
Day 3: Rest day.
Day 4 We will wash your hair and show you how to wash and condition your hair. and you can happily return home!

A Painless Procedure


Hair transplantation consists of 4 steps;

Step 1; Pre-Anesthesia and Anesthesia; You will have your procedure done under local anesthesia so that you do not feel any discomfort.

To increase the comfort level more than normal; When we start local anesthesia, we will apply a pre-anesthesia so that you do not feel pain.

2- Step; Hair Removal; Doctors will take your roots one by one with micromotors. Thanks to the new FUE extraction technique, it is a non-marking part of the process.

Step 3; channeling; This part is the most important part of the hair transplant process. Doctors will make small attempts at your bald areas. These initiations are called Channels. The angle and density of the channels are the most important factors in the final results.

Step 4; Planting of follicles; Doctors will place the follicles in the channels they opened in Step 3.

After these 4 steps you will be bandaged and head to your hotel to rest.

After your free day, you must go back to the hospital to wash your hair and remove the bandage.

After this stage, you can happily return to your country!

If you have a hair loss problem and are looking for a permanent solution;

Contact us anytime!