This branch of medicine deals with the health of infants, children and adolescents, from newborns to adolescents up to 18 years of age. The pediatricians associated with BHLC are committed to providing the best treatments as well as raising awareness of preventive health care, sharing information and knowledge with parents and children. There is a link between children's physical health and their mental health.
The pediatricians associated with us take into account your child's feelings and offer holistic, versatile treatment. This is done to ensure the complete recovery of the child and to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Pediatricians are always trying to minimize child and infant mortality by providing the latest healthcare services. Some common pediatric disorders are infections, congenital and genetic diseases, injuries, organ dysfunction, and organ failure.

Evelinatour has partnered with some of the most respected and excellent accredited pediatric healthcare facilities worldwide comparable in Turkey. Our relevant pediatrician evaluates your child's health condition and then directs you to the relevant pediatrician and clinic.

We also help facilitate the treatment of developmental disorders, regressions, behavioral disorders, functional disabilities, mental illness, anxiety, depression and social stress.

Some of the pediatric subspecialty treatments available in Turkey are:



Pediatric Cardiology

Turkey has specialists in pediatric cardiology and has successfully treated children with mild to complex heart conditions.


Pediatric Oncology

It is the branch of pediatrics that deals with the treatment and treatment of children suffering from cancer and malignant tumors.





Pediatric Nephrology

Children with kidney problems and excretory system disorders are treated by Pediatric Nephrologists.


Pediatric Genetics

Some diseases are passed from parent to child, from grandparents to children, or from one descendant to another. These diseases fall under the category of pediatric genetic diseases or hereditary diseases and are treated by this specialty.

Adolescent Medicine

The adolescent medicine specialty deals with specialty medicines for adolescents, children and infants.


Child Abuse Pediatrics

While we always want to keep all children safe and secure, there are times when they are abused by their parents, caregivers or strangers. Children who have been subjected to sexual or other forms of abuse, such as physical or mental violence or trauma, are treated by pediatricians who specialize in treating abused children.




Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Children sometimes do not reach developmental milestones and may also show behavioral problems. We have specialist doctors on board to treat developmental problems as well as behavioral disorders (including unhealthy behaviors learned from social media, peer relationships, and the physical-virtual environment).

Other pediatric specialties we facilitate are pediatric orthopedics, pediatric dermatology, pediatric neurology, pediatric dentistry, pediatric dermatology, pediatric surgery, pediatric rehabilitation medicine, and pediatric ophthalmology.