Orthopedic surgeons repair musculoskeletal disorders, and these types of disorders are often seen in the elderly. With age, bones become brittle and easily injured, leading to cracks. Fractures, joint displacements are common in the elderly.
Evelinatour provides orthopedic treatments for the elderly and others at affordable prices. We prepare the best possible package for you to ensure you receive high quality treatment at a much lower cost than in your home country.



Arthroscopic Surgery

This surgery is also known as keyhole surgery. The surgeon makes a small incision in your skin the size of a keyhole, hence the name. Knees, shoulders, wrists and ankles are the parts of your body where this procedure is done. Knee joint replacement surgery is one of the most popular surgeries of patients coming to Turkey. Most common orthopedic surgeries require a few days in the hospital. Post-surgery, physiotherapy or physical exercise is vital.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (ACLR)

It is a common tissue graft reconstruction treatment and is recommended after undergoing knee surgery. Generally, recovery after this procedure takes 6 weeks, but this time may be longer depending on your health and age.





Change partners

This surgery is recommended if you have extreme pain in a joint and cannot move the joint freely. In Turkish hospitals, where orthopedic surgeons perform hip, shoulder and knee prostheses without any problems, joint prosthesis surgeries are performed effortlessly.


Spinal Surgery

Spine surgery is recommended to treat developmental spine disorders, congenital problems, and spinal degeneration. Our spine surgery packages are customized to your needs, including a multidisciplinary team of neurologist, anesthetic, orthopedic surgeon, rehabilitation therapist, and neurologist.
Spine surgery procedures include back and neck disc surgery, microscopic surgery, spinal malformation treatment, surgery for the treatment of spinal tuberculosis, endoscopic spinal surgery, and disc fixation due to fractures.


With this procedure, surgeons repair the torn meniscus of the knee by opening the meniscus and then removing it. This will reduce the extreme pain you may experience. Recovery time from meniscectomy is approximately 4-6 weeks. Recovery time also depends on the procedure and your state of health. Recovery is much faster if arthroscopic surgery is performed.