Neurosurgery is the specialty that deals with the treatment, surgical intervention, prevention and rehabilitation of disorders affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and cerebrovascular system. MRI, CAT scan and Electroencephalography are common diagnostic tests done before surgery.

Evelinatour helps you to have all examinations and treatments such as brain tumors, epilepsy and functional neurology, spinal neurosurgery, general neurosurgery, peripheral nerve injury, trigeminal neuralgia, cerebrovascular diseases in Turkey's most advanced health facilities. stroke and aneurysms.




Brief seizures, loss of consciousness, and behavioral disturbances are some of the symptoms of epilepsy. To help find the underlying cause of your epilepsy, doctors will ask you to do some tests, such as EEG, SPECT tests, and MRI. These investigations are essential as doctors want to detect the abnormal functioning of your brain. Your medical history also plays a very important role. Treatment is usually with medication and vagus nerve stimulation or surgery.
In addition to regular treatment, wellness therapies can help you manage your epilepsy once doctors identify the exact cause. In this case, a ketogenic diet that may be recommended to you has been found to help.


Brain and spine surgery

Brain and spinal surgeries are performed for the treatment of various disorders of the brain, including brain tumors. Top-of-the-line oncology and medical radiation treatments in Turkish hospitals and clinics, radio neurological service, neuro-intensive care facilities, and excellent post-procedure care techniques have helped patients recover and return home after successful treatments in Turkey.

Spinal cord tumor surgery

Tumors in the spinal cord cause neurological impairment, intense pain, and sometimes even paralysis. Timely intervention, including surgery, will help you regain your former active, pain-free life. The surgeon uses a high-powered microscope to remove the tumor from the spinal cord. It removes intradural tumors and can remove entire vertebrae if needed in a total spondylectomy procedure.


Acute head and spinal cord injury surgery

Turkish hospitals and clinics dealing with the specialty of neurology cover the diagnosis, treatment and recovery/rehabilitation of patients undergoing acute head and spinal cord surgery. Procedures include reconstruction for linear, depressed and basilar skull fractures. Turkish neurosurgeons have great expertise in the treatment of minor, severe and blunt head injuries.


Some delicate brain, spine, and spinal cord disorders are performed using operating microscopes and micro-instruments. The microscope and small instruments enlarge the operating field and the neurosurgeon only works on the affected area and the surrounding areas are left untouched. Micro-neurosurgery reduces the cost of surgery as well as related costs such as your hospital and hotel accommodation cost.

Surgery and precautions related to stroke

Turkish hospitals have a high standard of treatment/surgery for cerebral palsy or cerebral infarction. These hospitals offer various packages for stroke prevention and also perform carotid endarterectomy if needed. For diagnostic purposes, your doctor may recommend neurological tests, brain imaging tests, blood clotting tests, electrocardiogram, and echo tests. Blood thinners are usually recommended after surgery.