We offer different types of massage that enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. Some of the massages you can benefit from are:

Thai Massage

The masseur applies gentle pressure with a stretching technique to relax your entire body. It is quite different from western style massage. It reduces stress, increases energy and improves athletic performance.

Deep tissue massage

This massage therapy is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. If you are suffering from a sports injury or muscle tension, this therapy will restore blood circulation to break up scar tissue and also relieve tension in your muscles and tissues. The therapist applies continuous pressure with slow, deep strokes that target the inner layers of connective tissue and muscles.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Also called the 'loving hands' massage, this is a Hawaiian massage that uses nut oils, different massage techniques, dance and breathing to relax your body. Lomi means kneading, soothing, rubbing and working in and out like the paws of a content cat.