Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey, located on the Aegean coast. It has a rich cultural heritage with the influence of Greek, Roman and Turkish culture. There are many historical sites to visit here, including the Ataturk Museum, Roman Agora, Velvet Castle, and more. The lively Kemeraltı Bazaar will make you experience the local taste, and Konak Pier is for those who love shopping.



Evelinatour Medical's Royal Teos Thermal Resort Clinic & SPA is a wellness center offering wellness therapies and luxury accommodation. In addition to medical treatments in all branches of medicine according to diagnosis, İzmir also offers alternative healing methods such as Hydrotherapy, Balneotherapy, Body Massages, Electrotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Cryotherapy.

İzmir's mild climate and natural beauty, along with excellent health, traditional and alternative, have made it one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations in the world.