Hammam Detox Massage

This Amman-inspired detox massage is provided at spas and hotels by stimulating your body's natural detox process. Excess toxins seep through your skin, allowing you to experience mental and physical well-being.

The various organs associated with detoxification are the skin, liver, kidneys, lymph nodes, and lungs, and each plays an important role in detoxifying your body. If your body is not properly detoxified, you may experience chronic fatigue, persistent allergies, brain fog, menstrual problems, skin irritation, puffy eyes/bags and even weight gain.

This massage cleanses the skin with rich, special oils and steam cleaning. The massage therapist uses strokes of varying intensity to work out your stiff muscles. This aids lymph circulation and allows its free movement in the blood, which allows the liver and kidneys to filter toxins efficiently. With Hamam Detox massage, you will feel renewed, energetic, refreshed and rejuvenated. When the stress is gone, you will feel happy and relaxed.