Bursa is located in the northwestern part of Turkey and is one of the industrial centers of Turkey. The mysterious Mount Uludağ or the old Mount Olympus rises above the city. There is a famous ski resort and there are tombs of Ottoman sultans in Bursa.


The region is fertile and the greenery in the region has given it the nickname 'Green Bursa' or Green Bursa. There are numerous gardens and parks woven into the urban landscape surrounded by a wide variety of rich forests. Beautiful beaches such as Armutlu beach, Kumla beach and others make Bursa a vibrant tourist center where people love to swim and sunbathe in the ocean.

Bursa receives a large number of tourists visiting the hot springs and hot springs. Keramet, Cekirge, Armutlu, Oylat and Gemlik thermal springs are the favorite of holidaymakers and patients who want to get rid of pain and relax. Çelik Palas hot spring is another wellness spot popular with visitors.