Antalya receives millions of visitors throughout the year due to its mild climate. It is home to thousands of immigrants and is famous for its cosmopolitan culture. Located on Turkey's riviera, this city ranks 12th as one of the most visited cities in the world and the 4th most visited tourist destination in Europe according to London's Euromonitor. The interesting mix of old and new has made Antalya so popular.


There are gorgeous beaches and there are attractions for kids like the Beach Park, which includes Aqua Land and Dolphin Land. Tourists can visit Kaleiçi old city with its Ottoman houses, old mosques, clock tower, Hadrian's gate and enjoy an exciting cable car to Tahtali Mountain.

Antalya is a favorite of nature lovers and photographers because of its stunning natural wonders. The waterfalls in Kurşunlu, Manavgat, lower and upper Düden are the added attractions. Other natural beauties are the Köprülü Canyon, which is preferred by hikers and adventure sports enthusiasts and twinned with the Taurus Mountains, Dim River and Damlataş cave.

The Lycian Way is Turkey's famous trekking track, covering the entire coastline. It contains many ancient sites of the Lycian empire and is a must-do for avid hikers. The rapidly growing city developed medical facilities to meet the needs of the local population as well as tourists. It offers suitable accommodation and treatment centers for elderly, disabled and young health visitors. Antalya is becoming an important center for health tourism, winter and sports tourism, congress and fair tourism.

Here, there are world-class hospitals with specialist doctors and medical staff who speak many foreign languages, making communication easy and simple. Its low cost of treatment makes it more attractive to medical tourists. Spas and wellness centers meet the wellness needs of patients and tourists.